Lens causing battery drain when off?

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Lens causing battery drain when off?

About a year ago I started noticing that my X-T2 battery would seem to deplete much faster than my other X cameras when turned off and in the bag. My X-E3 and X100V would hold a 100% charge for at least a month or longer, just sitting idle in the off position. Just using the camera normally, out shooting it behaved as expected.

I began doing some unscientific testing and I observed that this behavior was not consistent. Sometimes the X-T2 battery would hold a 100% charge for longer, like my other X bodies. So I did some further testing:

  • Tried different batteries, even purchasing a brand new one (already had 6 OEM NP-W126s'). I numbered the batteries and tried each one but no pattern seemed to follow any particular battery.
  • Used different chargers, OEM, Wasabi and Nitecore, again no pattern.
  • Tried storing the camera in a different location, temperature, etc. but that made no difference as expected.
  • Firmware is up to date on lens and body.

What eventually dawned on me was that I hadn't noticed this behavior until after I had purchased the XF 16-80. Of course being a new lens it spent a fair amount of time on the X-T2, then eventually I returned to also using some of my other XF primes and zooms. That's when it occurred to me that the inconsistency might be related to which lens was on the camera body. When I've noticed the issue, it was always when the 16-80 was mounted. So now I have removed the 16-80 from the X-T2 and am testing the camera with different lenses attached.  I will also mount the suspect lens onto the X-E3 to see what happens there.

Can anyone think of a reason as to how a lens could cause premature battery drain when attached to a camera that is powered off?

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