Z6ii or Z7ii for my needs?

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Re: Z6ii or Z7ii for my needs?

aniltulsi wrote:

But I am not happy with the AF performance of Z6, so was planning to upgrade. Now a days, I am more into Birding, and get into low light situation quite often. Then the AF of Z6 starts hunting for some time, enough for me to miss the shot. Also, Sucess rate of BIF for small fast birds is quite low.

Success with these types of shots may depend more on your gaining skill with the camera than whatever modest improvement may be had with Z6 II focus. If you want significantly better focus tech, you may need to look at Sony or Canon.

In favour of Z6ii, as compared to my existing Z6 is:
- faster AF
- better low light AF

I traded up from Z6 to Z6II. There is an improvement in focus. But it's an incremental improvement, not night and day.

In favour of Z7ii, as compared to my existing Z6 is:
- Better sharper details
- Cropping option without loosing much details
- larger print options
Negative of Z7ii is larger storage requirements.

There is no question you can crop more and/or retain more detail with the Z7 II. (However in low light that advantage diminishes.) You say this is a camera you plan to keep for years. If so, worrying about storage seems misplaced to me if the camera otherwise suits your needs, just get some more storage.

I think the question for you boils down to how important is the extra resolution? If you have to have it, then get the Z7 II. If it's a nice bonus some of the time but no more important than other considerations, the Z6 II might be the better pick for the majority of your shooting.

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