Z6ii or Z7ii for my needs?

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Re: Z6ii or Z7ii for my needs?

I think you already made your decision: Z6ii. Get that, and save the difference over the Z7ii for the 200-600 when it is released.

Unless ...

What is it, exactly, that you miss from the D800? Is it the higher resolution and therefore ability to crop? If you typically share only on screens then even a 4K screen is only 8MP, which is a significant crop from the Z6ii's native resolution.

My experience moving from D90 to D7100 was the opposite of yours. The same lens on the D90 gave me an apparent sharper image than shot on the D7100, because the D90's larger pixels meant the lens didn't have to be as sharp when rendering the image. So if you are looking at maximum sharpness across an uncropped 24x36mm frame then the Z6 should outperform the Z7.

However ... my D7100 has almost identical pixel sizes compared with my Z7. I shot the same scene off a tripod with both cameras using the Nikkor 200-500 and when I cropped the Z7 image to render the same scene, the Z7 image was clearly sharper. It probably has to do with the lack of an AA filter on the Z7 - everything else was the same as I raised the mirror before exposure on the D7100 and used mechanical shutter on the Z7.

So ... do you want to be able to crop? Get the Z7ii.

Do you want to save a few euros to put towards more gear? Get the Z6ii.

Both will provide you a lot of satisfaction, as you already proved with your Z6.

Hope this helps. Decision paralysis sucks! 

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