**FZ330 REVIEW Part 2 by Stevie Boy Blue**

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Re: **FZ330 REVIEW Part 2 by Stevie Boy Blue**

GeraldW wrote:

My new toy has arrived, and it looks to be a very nice one. For starters, I set it up using the same parameters as you posted.

The FZ200 settings are just like the FZ150, -2, 0, +2, and I used NR -2, Sh +1 for that camera. At least for the three later ones. The first two showed excess noise with that setting. In retrospect, I find it hard to believe I actually had 5 of those. I still have one that was made in Japan and works well with the NR -2, Sh +1 settings.

You're quite right, the FZ200 settings don't translate precisely to the FZ300; but it does give a good starting point for further fine tuning. Since this is my second FZ300, it was quite easy to get the camera fine tuned.

I was surprised, however, that it didn't come with an external charger; but instead, a wall wart with fixed prongs, a USB cable, and a cradle for the battery. It works, and can also charge in the camera; but it's just a lot of extra stuff to store away, and it's slower than the original A79 charger; the US version of which has folding prongs.

Yay! Well done, Jerry.

Good to see the new camera’s arrived and that you’re up and running with it already.

The change in chargers must be a new thing and/or maybe now just applies to certain countries, perhaps even only those where the camera’s labelled FZ300 rather than 330? Who knows?

My most recently purchased FZ330 was manufactured and sold to me in 2019, and it was shipped with the usual charger we see over here in the UK. As it’s the same as that supplied with the FZ200, I’ve never taken my FZ330 charger out of its wrapper, same goes for the first one I bought in 2015. Hence I’m more than Okay for backups.

Re your new set-up though, it could now apply everywhere and be Panasonic’s way of updating things for future sales. Perhaps they’re now offering in-body battery charging through consumer demand and maybe even the means to charge from a USB port in a car or other vehicle? Is that an option now, too, I wonder?

If so, it would make sense and also add weight to my suspicion that the FZ330 (300) is to remain in production for a few more years yet.

Either way, something’s changed, for whatever the reason. And if it all means we’ve more options re where and when we can charge the camera, that’s surely no bad thing overall.

Good luck with your new toy.


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