Anyone using Snapseed photo editor on android phone?

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Re: Anyone using Snapseed photo editor on android phone?

CAcreeks wrote:

Patrick T. Kelly wrote:

Years ago I quit enjoying photography. So, I considered what photography involved for me, made a list of the discrete steps, and then scored how much I enjoyed each step. Sitting in front of a computer editing a photo was the lowest on my scale of enjoyment. Then I kept track of how I was spending my time and, damn, what I liked the least was consuming most of my time.

The first thing I did was take time, read the manual, and really master my DSLR. Then I found an editor that was less powerful but easier and quicker to use. As I got old and tired of carrying cameras, lens, and stuff the phone cameras got better and I started using them. The pace of change for technology increased as did the options for editing.

Now, I spend a few weeks simply mastering the camera software in the new phone. Now I find that I can do my minimal editing, usually, in Google Photos with Snapseed for "Perspective".

I rarely ever do any "editing" on my phone.

Good points.

I enjoy photo editing, although I can easily understand why you don't.

.Do you use Snapseed because you like it best? Or because it's too difficult to transfer cellphone photos to a PC for editing?

GIMP is a much better JPEG editor, with more features including noise reduction (NR).

ILC cameras are certainly inconvenient due to their poor transfer facilities. Memory card, USB, WiFi - cumbersome, slow, glacial.

With Open Camera installed, and set to DRO (dynamic range optimization) I see less noise than in similar photos taken in DNG and converted with Snapseed, which lacks NR.

I use Snapseed because it meets my needs. I've used Lightroom and others and Snapseed meets my needs, is free, and fairly simple. I have no desire to leave photography and produce graphic art.

I use a chromebook with Snapseed and there is no transfer problem. My photos go to Google Photos wirelessly and I can open Snapseed from within Google Photos. If all I need to do is crop or level the horizon I used Google Photos.

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