Photographer Sues Hilary Duff Over “Creep” Claim on Instagram(article)

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Re: cops should've picked her up+ fine + lawsuit

IR1234 wrote:

Jacques Cornell wrote:

IR1234 wrote:

Jacques Cornell wrote:

The officer seemed sheepish (knowing his task was ridiculous but having, nonetheless, to investigate), he was utterly pleasant and professional, and after I explained what I was doing, he wished me a good day and left me alone.

Then again, I'm white. But, I was traveling with a couple of Japanese photographers, which is probably what prompted the call, as we were in a small farming town in the rural south where there probably wasn't another Asian person for 100 miles.

Knock it off with the race thing.


Cop wasn't interested because you were doing nothing wrong.

No kidding. I said as much.

And I've no idea which south you mean, but there are plenty of Asians all over the US. This isn't the 1850s.

Read again. I never suggested race had anything to do with the officer's behavior.

You absolutely said race had something to do with it - your own words "he wished me a good day and left me alone. Then again, I'm white."

I also made it clear that he was addressing myself and my two Japanese colleagues. Race seems to have played no role in his interaction with us.

As for "Then again, I'm white", note the beginning of a new paragraph. I was standing up for the professionalism of a particular officer and that of police in general while acknowledging that, as a white person, I have a particular perspective and set of experiences that may not be shared by non-white people. The topic under discussion is not whether police are racist, but whether citizens ought to be concerned about police involvement in their affairs. Obviously, that's a matter of perspective, and I was just adding mine as a counterexample to another poster's expressed notion that police would unquestionably have arrested a non-white photographer.

Clearly, you've lost the thread of this conversation.

You assumed the cop didn't make anything of it because you're white and you assumed the cop was racist.

Wrong. I noted that he was professional, that I'm white, and that my colleagues were Japanese. Readers can make of that what they will.

If you want to know what I actually assumed at the time, it was that someone out there was fearful of cameras, asians, men with long hair, or some combination of the three, and that the officer would either leave us alone or tell us that the grain silos were "security infrastructure" or some such and could not be photographed.

You also assumed that the cops were called because you were with some Asian people and because the person who called was racist.

Wrong again. I said it was an interesting coincidence.

Because of course, farming towns in the rural south are racist apparently. You have literally jumped to the race card on two assumptions.

It's entirely possible the paranoiac would have called even if it was just me. But, if you think asians don't face a higher level of bias and hostility, you haven't been paying attention to the news.

Also, you're ignoring my previous clarification that I wouldn't have assumed anything different had I been in the Midwest. The point was that it was a small, rural community where people seemed to have few encounters with non-white, and particularly asian, folks. I grew up in a small town in New Hampshire with very similar demographics and would have the same expectations there. I have lived as a racial minority in various parts of the world for much of my adult life. I understand how implicit bias works, and a lot has to do with isolation and lack of experience in interacting with "others".

The only person here thinking that everything is down to race is you - and you eloquently describe what you think are other people's prejudices.

Everyone has prejudices. If you think any acknowledgement of racial bias in policing or society in general is "playing the race card", you're part of the problem.

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