Diversity Of Bird Life in Tropical Queensland part II (Honeyeaters)

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Diversity Of Bird Life in Tropical Queensland part II (Honeyeaters)

Here are a few honeyeaters. The new season is just around the corner. I have photographed around a dozen species so far.



Scarlet Honeyeater (male) female calling in the background

White-Throated Honeyeater

White-Naped Honeyeaters feeding on Umbrella Tree blossoms

Juvenile Eastern Spinebill

Dusky Honeyeater

White-Cheeked Honeyeater  (back view)

Scarlet Honeyeater(juvenile-red colors are developing )

Lewin's Honeyeater

Fuscous Honeyeater

Banded Honeyeater ( locally common in Tropical N. Qld. -uncommon elsewhere)

Baby Lewin's Honeyeaters calling for food.

Yellow-Tinted Honeyeater

Brown-Backed Honeyeater

MaCleay's Honeyeater

Bridled Honeyeater

Eastern Spinebill silhouette

MaCleay's Honeyeater feeding

Blue-Faced Honeyeater

Dusky Honeyeater

Lewin's Honeyeater taking off

Scarlet Honeyeater (adult male -red colors are fully developed)

The Juvenile Brown Honeyeater ( has a yellow wash for a short time-eye spot is not developed)

Yellow-Faced Honeyeater

Adult Brown Honeyeater ( yellow-silver eye spot is well developed )

Adult Eastern Spinebill feeding  on Grevillia blossoms

White-Cheeked Honeyeater  (Front view)

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