Not far to 100 fullframe native E-mount FF autofocus lenses - which ones do we still lack?

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Not far to 100 fullframe native E-mount FF autofocus lenses - which ones do we still lack?

With the Samyang 24/1.8 announced today we just hit 92 native E-mount autofocus full frame lenses. Source:
(On top of that the same source says we also have 23 manual focus native fullframe lenses with Exif transfers and another 44 manual focus ones without Exif transfer).

With the fairly sure rumored Sony 14/1.8 GM and the Sigma 35/1.4 DG DN soon out, we will be at 94 fullframe lenses.

And the year is still young so my guess is that we will go over 100 full frame native autofocus lenses during this year. That is quite impressive in the eight years (this autumn) the fullframe E-mount system has been around.

I do like the lens list at PhillipReeve very much since it is downloadable and easily can be filtered for what one self wants to search for but I also think the following links are good sources:

Marc Alhadeff also has a web based fullframe E-mount list and also has tested most of them:

And Brian Smith have also two lists, especially noteworthy is the one with Cine lenses that the other lists don't mention as deeply:

So what lenses do you which for will be released during 2021?

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