Sigma Quattro in 2021 ?

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Re: Sigma Quattro in 2021 ?

Charles-Apollon wrote:

Is it still a good idea to buy a Sigma SD quattro in 2021 ? Is it better to buy the SD quattro or another SIGMA foveon camera (DP 1, 2, 3 ,...) ?

I'm not into post processing so much except some basics improvements like light or contrast.... So I would like to have a quick way to get Jpeg.

I'm a bit ambivalent given they are discontinuing the SA Mount with the SD Quattro so in the future getting lenses would be more difficult as SA Mount lenses get scarcer and people would probably hold onto them more, particularly if they get a newer L Mount camera + the SA to L mount adaptor for a potential future Sigma camera.

Having said that getting a DP Quattro (such as 0, 2 or 3) is actually a very good/affordable way to get into the Sigma camera range with the Quattro sensor and all the lenses are exceptional on the DP Quattros (with the 1 being a bit less excellent). My DP2 Quattro outputs better quality images than my SD Quattro with the 30mm A lens or the 17-70mm C lens, I could probably only get as close with a 35mm A or other expensive Art lens which would probably be more expensive than just getting a DP Quattro.

OOC JPEGs are fine, you would just get a larger SD card and use JPG+RAW or DNG output to get the best of both worlds if you decided you wanted to post-process the RAW/DNG output later on.

As Lukacs85 mentions the Merrill has a fairly unique style which makes more sense if you are after absolute micro contrast or fine detail, however you need to work to make sure it's able to take pictures at its best. I did read you can get the Quattro close to the Merrill micro contrast wise but you'd need to do some significant post-processing to do so.

Bottom line from me is: get a DP Quattro (in whichever focal length you prefer, the 2 is generally a safe choice) and if you like how it's working out you can then consider a SD Quattro.

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