E-M1 III: Focus Limiter ON forces Release Priority to ON

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E-M1 III: Focus Limiter ON forces Release Priority to ON

While investigating a different issue I’ve just noticed this difference between the E-M1 Mark II and the Mark III.



Shooting birds in flight I like to use the Full AF Target Point pattern, C-AF and [ ]]] L drive mode with electronic shutter

And with my 4/3 lenses (which are slower to focus than MFT lenses) I set C-AF Release Priority to OFF to avoid getting lots of out of focus images - the camera releases the shutter only when it thinks it has focus on something.

I also have the Display set to show the green AF boxes which have a lock so I can quickly adjust if the camera picks up some unwanted target while I track my bird.

And finally, I have a couple of Focus Limiters set, one for close BIF out to 25m, and another from 20m to 999m

I’ve found these settings work quite well and when I bought the E-M1 III I naturally copied them from the Mark II


The E-M1 Mark III forces S-AF and C-AF Release Priority to ON whenever the Focus Limiter is enabled.

from the manual: “The shutter can still be released if the camera is unable to focus when [On] is selected for [AF Limiter]“

Which means that the camera will be capturing images at the full burst rate regardless of whether the bird is locked in focus

So I unlike my Mark II, with the Mark III I have to decide whether limiting the focus range or turning off Release Priority will give me a better result.

Yes, sometimes with the Mark II I find I’m pressing the shutter and nothing’s happening only to remember that I have the Focus Limiter ON, but that’s quickly remedied with a single button press.

I think the Mark III needs a Menu setting option in the Focus Limiter settings [Override Release Priority ON|OFF ] so that we can decide for ourselves.

I suspect that there are other Mark III BIF shooters out there who were not aware of this . . .



Olympus E-M1
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