Difficulty Getting Sharp Eyes With Z50 Portraits (50mm 1.8G)

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You got it! And some comments.

giarc wrote:

michaeladawson wrote:

People giving out a lot of good advice on how to get sharper shots. But nobody seems to want to explain how you were able to get sharp images with your Olympus.

I’d be equally interested in some explanation as to why the Z50 is not producing images as sharp as the Olympus.

Yes, I agree that no one has addressed this part of the question. However I'd think a large part of the answer here has to be that the Oly has (very good ) IBIS. And APS-C 50mm shot at 1/60 second is a rather slow shutter speed for the focal length given no stabilization either from the body nor the lens. This can surely explain a lot of the success with the EM10 when compared to the Z50 at similar settings.

I think you just nailed the explanation, frankly.

It seems pretty straightforward (to me, anyway) that the inherent troubles of the OP's slow shutter speeds were being at least somewhat masked by his Olympus's lower resolution (16mp rather than the Z50's 20mp) and the Olympus's very quick-responsive IBIS operating within the deeper m4/3 depths-of-field at his favored apertures.

Put those m4/3 attributes together--lower res, quick IBIS, inherently deeper depths of field--and you have a system that masks all kinds of user shortcomings. It's one of the reasons why some users like those cameras so much--they're deeply forgiving if you aren't entirely on the ball.

But getting "on the ball" with the Z50 isn't a big deal, here--all the OP has to do is pop his shutter speed up a little and he'll get excellent results. The old 1/focal length chestnut just doesn't apply with a 20MP+ digital camera if one demands critical sharpness 100% of the time. And the OP needs to remember that 1/focal length means something a little different for an APS-C camera like the Z50 than it would for a full-framer. On a Z50, the 50mm prime provides the field-of-view you'd get from a 75mm lens on a full-framer. So 1/ effective focal length would be a shutter speed of 1/75 (1/80 on the camera's dial), and even that would probably be too slow. I'd argue that 1/2x effective focal length is bare minimum for good odds at critical sharpness with 20mp, meaning his shutter speed really needs to be north of 1/160 using the 50mm prime, whenever possible.

I'd also enquire whether the OP was using AF-S or AF-C focusing. His results looked, to me, like he might've achieved AF-S focus lock but then paused, even just a fraction of a second, in actually clicking his shutter--a delay long enough, in other words, for either subjects and-or himself to move, even just a little, between the point of focus-lock and the moment of exposure. (Which is another user issue his Olympus's deeper depths-of-field would have masked.)

AF-S was the only legit way to autofocus with his Olympus E-M10ii, so he might just be using that approach with his Z50, too, out of habit--he may not realize, in other words, how radically better his Z50 is at AF-C tracking, holding, compensating for those little movements here and there.


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