Samyang is teasing two astrophotography lenses

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Re: Samyang is teasing two astrophotography lenses

I've been loving the recent releases from Voigtlander, the soon to be released APO 35mm, the 50mm, 65mm, and 110mm, and (IMO) they are the right combination of performance factors for astro, I'd love to see more from various manufacturers that meets our very niche needs. The things I'm looking for in a great astro lens are the usual suspects:

1) Very sharp all the way to the corners

2) Free of Coma

3) Free of Longitudinal Chromatic Aberration

4) Fully Manual focus and aperture control (no focus by wire)

5) Small, lightweight

6) Good quality control that reduces the chances of decentered lenses

I've switched to using my ASI2600mc Pro for everything now, including nightscape imaging, and adapting the Voigtlander APO lenses has come with some challenges for sure. Seeing more manufacturers (hopefully) jump on board and offer lenses that appeal strongly to astrophotographers is great to see. Too many new lenses come with a few sacrifices in certain areas that make them sub-standard choices for astro, especially the new infatuation with focus by wire, electronically controlled focus and aperture lenses or lenses that are just very big and heavy. That's especially why I've loved the Voigtlander APO, reasonably fast at f2, can be shot wide open with incredible sharpness, virtually zero coma, minimal LoCA, fully manual and very small and lightweight. I encourage anyone shooting Sony cameras to take a look at those lenses, I'm hoping they release a wider lens in the 24mm area that is more APO-like.

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