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Charles-Apollon wrote:

Hello everyone,

Since the Foveon sensor technology appeared I have always been interested by it and the result you can get from it.

Is it still a good idea to buy a Sigma SD quattro in 2021 ? Is it better to buy the SD quattro or another SIGMA foveon camera (DP 1, 2, 3 ,...) ?

I'm not into post processing so much except some basics improvements like light or contrast.... So I would like to have a quick way to get Jpeg.

I also like to have good "simulation" or "color tone" provided by the camera

I have a FUJI XE-1 and I like the films rendering fujifilm offers.

I'm not a pixel aficionado, I'm mainly looking for a film camera like rendering and the non digital effect provided by Foveon technology.

My idea is to use to sigma like a film camera ; take a few well composed shots of portrait or landscape.

Thanks for your opinions )


I love my Nikon D810, but I plan to get another SD Quattro H to replace mine, which I broke. I prefer the images (the OOC jpegs and the raw files) to the images from my Nikon. I like their lack of color moiré, and I think the color looks better. I also like their clean look, which might make you say they have a film look to them. I have not done extensive testing, like I hoped to do, before I broke my SD Quattro H, but when I look at the photos from my SD Quattro H, I want that camera back . . . and I guess even after I get a Sony A7r IV, I will probably miss it, if I haven't already bought another one by then.

So is the Quattro still current in 2021? I think yes.


I have more to say about the Quattro. A lot of people seem to prefer the image quality from the Merrills, and in a way I do to, but I like the fact that there is more detail in my photos from my SD Quattro H. I also like the speed of shooting, reviewing images faster, larger buffer, and OOC jpegs from my SD Quattro H, when compared to my SD1 Merrill . . . but most of all, I miss being able to magnify the view, as I manually focus my SD Quattro H. I can't do that with my SD1 Merrill, and sometimes the photos are out of focus, because I'm relying on the auto-focus, which is not always as good as manual focusing. Even my Sony A55 and A65 cameras were like that. I used to manual focus with the camera on my tripod, when I could, because focus with those cameras was not always perfect. Those Sony cameras had the same magnified view feature, like my SD Quattro H had, and my Nikon D810 has that capability too, if I put it into "Live-view" mode. That feature is something I really wish Sigma had put in a newer version of the SD1 Merrill. Sigma must have had a lot of inventory of the SD1 Merrill, because it took a long time for it to go out of stock, and get discontinued

I wish there was an SD2 Merrill and an SD2 Quattro available, with live view, the faster shooting ability of the SD1 Merrill, and the optical viewfinder of the SD1 Merrill. They could have upgraded the processor speed of that camera after a couple of years too, and added memory, so the raw shooting buffer could hold twice as many photos. I think if Sigma had done that, they could still be selling those cameras today, and at an elevated price point vs. the last of the SD1 Merrills. In fact, I think they could be still selling the SD1 Merrill, SD2 Merrill and SD2 Quattro, for $1,799.00, $1,999.00, and $2,199.00 respectively. It would have been very cool to have an SD2 Quattro H too, which they could have sold for $2,499.00 ever since it was launched. I think the SD Quattro H would have sold better, at its much lower price point, but I think an SD2 Quattro H would sell too, and they could have split up the run of sensors to put them into two different bodies. That would have been cool, and I think Sigma could have sold more cameras that way too. They might not have made more Quattro H sensors, but I think they could have, and maybe they would still be available today. I wish.


Of course, if the full-frame Foveon sensor had worked out as they thought, there would be an L mount camera with a full-frame Foveon sensor in it today, and though I would almost bet it would be even more expensive than my imaginary SD2 Quattro H, I would probably just buy one of those, instead of wanting a replacement SD Quattro H right now.

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