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Re: Canon 1Ds MKI

CESA wrote:

Since you had one can you share a bit more details? In regards to the colour reproduction, tones and sub-tones? Also micro-contrast and 3D pop?

Images I have are archived elsewhere, but it had very accurate color reproduction and well-defined fine details when pixel peeping; in other words, a fine image making machine.

As for 3D "pop", at the time I used the 200/f1.8 and 135/f2, so the bokeh from those you could say the images popped. But, this is not unique to the 1Ds.

The problem area I imagine one might have with the 1Ds today is if you need high ISO and/or getting/maintaining healthy batteries; those old NiMh batteries are nowhere as close or convenient to lithium cells in performance.

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