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Re: Thinking about lens lineup

Fin Azvandi wrote:

pictograph wrote:

Think about selling the 2.8/14 and buy the wonderful 10-24 zoom. It equals more or less the primes from 10 to about 20 mm FL.

it is optically absolutely brilliant, light and not at all bulky (for a UW-zoom).

The 10-24mm image quality is good at 14mm, but I would reserve adjective "brilliant" for the prime. It seems to have a "Midas touch" that can be recognized even between shots taken by different photographers. Calling them "more or less equal" doesn't align with what I see, but yes the 10-24mm is a worthy substitute to consider.

Thanks, I have thought long and hard about the 10-24 zoom versus the 14/2.8 prime. My current wide angle is a 8-18mm on m4/3 so it would give me about the same range. I think I still come down in favor of the lower-weight of the 14mm prime, and I really like a lot of the sample images I've seen from that lens. I have taken my 8-18 zoom out and kept it around 10mm to simulate just having a Fuji 14mm and I think I can live with the lack of zoom flexibility…I will probably change my mind a few more times before purchasing though!

Definitely don't discredit the zoom based on what I wrote above. Any "Midas touch" the prime may have disappears very fast when you start cropping to match the zoom at 16mm+.

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