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Thomas166 wrote:

I've had dslr Olympus and Nikon's for years. About 5 years ago I switched to the Nikon P900 and now the Nikon P950. I'm thinking of going to a cell phone camera now only. I know none would come close to the zoom the P950 has, but the P950 has about the same size sensor as most cell phone cameras. The problems I'm concerned about are:

  1. would the cell have the same image quality
  2. is there a problem shooting with bright sunlight since there's no viewfinder
  3. would I be able to find a good camera phone for around $500.

Just to let you know how far behind I am on phones, mine is a Samsung Galaxy Express 3

Nikon P950

Biggest challenge other than zoom is processing, phone manufacturers tend to over process quite a lot, so you'll lose fine textures etc. due to heavy NR and sharpening. Unfortunately all phones do it, Huawei is the least heavy handed and at least you can shoot in RAW on all 3 lenses with OIS, and then process (although Huawei is also the only OEM that provides a jpeg directly from the RAW file in Pro mode, no heavy processing). But you will miss the zoom and you'll really battle to get birds especially in flight captured decently with any regularity. But if you have decided to make the jump, the the P40 pro Mate 40 Pro are the best , but you have no Google services on those which is a deal breaker for many.

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