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Flat view
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Today I went for a walk and took a few pictures. I'm tired of escaping. I do that a lot, in my life. For some of the pictures that I took this day, I had to return to the places after evading the opportunities (literally walking away). If I want a picture, why do I leave the place without taking it? Anyway, to make things short, i'm the usual ETTR "practitioner". Modern cameras allow for this practice to be effortless and painless, especially with live RGB histograms, blinkies, etc.

And then I saw this dog. If I wanted to do ETTR, I should have done the following:

1) Switch to a custom WB, stored in the camera's memory with ETTR in mind (looks green). This is done faster with the dedicated WB button.

2) Move the exposure indicator quite a bit to the left (where 0 is the center) in order to avoid blowing of important areas.

3) Press the preview button to activate Intelligent Preview (the camera takes a picture and shows a preview of it. It's quite cool and better than regular image reviewing because the RGB histograms move when ISO/shutter speed (time value)/aperture are changed.

4) Since this is ETTR and it's properly configured, I just have to watch the right side of the RGB histograms so that they almost touch the limit.

5) Switch back to Auto WB (works for me. I don't like the idea of editing a green mess, even when it's easy to fix).

6) Frame and shoot.

But this time I didn't wanted to do ETTR. I wanted to use 1/50s and f/2.8, ISO 200. I felt like using these settings: it was natural.

I'm posting this because I believe it's easy to be enslaved by anything. If I always use ETTR, i'm losing other valid options (somebody may want to clip a huge area in the photo, and that's ok). Don't be obsessed with DR, ISO, rumours of camera brands going out of business, sharpness, etc. and enjoy photography. Tools and knowledge are important, but never as the subject of your pictures or as the things that you want to express. That's how I see it and I would love to see some opinions. Please forgive my bad english. Thanks.

P.S. I don't know if the dog photo is good or bad but it came out of me not being concerned with anything. I enjoyed the moment.

Flat view
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