Long Lenses on FUJI GFX100S,50R ? Wildlife ?

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Re: More crop views in GFx Re: Long Lenses on FUJI GFX100S,50R ? Wildlife ?

Greg7579 wrote:

zorgtool wrote:

Greg7579 wrote:

I miss my Fuji X system and the 100-400 only in terms of it allowed me to get some very cool shots at over 800mm with the 1.4x TC with a system that is light and mobile (for over 800 mm anyway).

I called them National Park car shots. I got lucky many times driving through National Parks and was alone and very close to a grizzly, bear, buffalo, moose, elk, and I got some great shots.

I'll miss that because it is just simply not happening with GFX.

We are headed out in June for a two-month drive through national parks and I will have only my Leica Q2 and GFX arsenal.

I should have kept my XH-1 and 100-400 and just kept it in the car and wait for that perfect road-side animal.

Easy....resell your Leica Q2, buy a XT4 you'r going to have high speed AF, lenses, IBIS, etc..

Joke aside, why do you carry both Leica Q2 and GFX ?


Or you kidding me Z? The Q2 is carried with SonCaNikon FF, Fuji X, GFX, Leica IL cameras and everything else.

The Q2 is made to accompany some other system. But the Q2 is made to walk with alone and with nothing else at times.

If there is one person on earth that shoots only the Q2 and has nothing else, I have yet to hear from them on the Leica Board.

The Q2 is to be savored, but only with another interchangeable lens system.

The Q2 is by far my favorite camera I have ever looked at, owned, touched or shot.

That's a actual reason of course and more than enough for me.

But when you're in the street, when you choose the GFX, when you choose the Q2 when you have both on your backpack ?


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