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Re: Missing above 250 mm

Greg7579 wrote:

What does bother me is not having 400mm and above for road-side wildlife shots. I had 840 mm with the XH-1 and 100-400 w 1.4x TC.

I'm thinking of getting the XT-4 and just that one lens - 100-400 for this trip.

GFX will never fill that gap. Not even close.

Agree, but for me Fuji can (but I guess won´t) create (Jim say it's difficult but not impossible) create a adapter for XF lenses on the GFX system (including all electronic : focusing, IS etc.) automatic cropping in the GFX system to use the APS-C part of the 44x33mm sensor.

Knowing it's the same cpu, and if they can make, when you put the adapter on, the CPU just focusing in the APS-C area no reason that should be slower than a XT4.

That's not going to make the GFX100S ligther of course, but the GFX100S is not so much bigger than a XT4. So you can use the GF lenses for «general» purpose and when you want to shoot a lion you put the 100-400 XF lenses on the GFX.

Okay I'm guessing it's not in Fuji interest to do that, they going to say «buy a XT4», anyway I can dream of it...


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