Long Lenses on FUJI GFX100S,50R ? Wildlife ?

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Re: More crop views in GFx Re: Long Lenses on FUJI GFX100S,50R ? Wildlife ?

Greg7579 wrote:

I miss my Fuji X system and the 100-400 only in terms of it allowed me to get some very cool shots at over 800mm with the 1.4x TC with a system that is light and mobile (for over 800 mm anyway).

I called them National Park car shots. I got lucky many times driving through National Parks and was alone and very close to a grizzly, bear, buffalo, moose, elk, and I got some great shots.

I'll miss that because it is just simply not happening with GFX.

We are headed out in June for a two-month drive through national parks and I will have only my Leica Q2 and GFX arsenal.

I should have kept my XH-1 and 100-400 and just kept it in the car and wait for that perfect road-side animal.

Easy....resell your Leica Q2, buy a XT4 you'r going to have high speed AF, lenses, IBIS, etc..

Joke aside, why do you carry both Leica Q2 and GFX ?


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