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Re: Dear CK, since it was me to tell Ping ...

Ching-Kuang Shene wrote:

My suggestion was about shooting slides first to learn the basics.
Then, with a collection of a number of reasonable lenses, move up
the ladder to a DSLR. It is not difficult to acquire a reasonable
and yet very capable SLR system in
very economic in the long run, shooting slides requires a very
disciplined and rigorous thinking process because the tolerance
level is very small. Moreover, a 4500 can be used as a backup and
for comparison. One does not need the best equipment to start.
After all, it is the eyes behind the camera and lens that
determines the artistic portion. The technical component, IMO,
needs rigorous training. In fact, I have a couple of students who
started his photography hobby or career in exactly the same way,
and this is also a quite common practice in a large number of
photography related schools and departments. When we are about to
learn something, IMO, convenience is secondary. The most crucial
factor is to get the most (artistic and technical) out of a set of
affordable tools that are capable enough to help learn everything.

Well, CK, I have been shooting slides with a (full manual) SRL during 25 years! Therefore, I understand what you mean, and agree. However, IMHO, when a (talented) newbie already has a CP-4500, he/she has got a capable enough tool for developing his/her photographic skill. No real need, to this scope, for getting any more advanced digicam, or even a DSRL: any camera, nowdays, allow you to stay in Full-Auto mode and shoot casual pics without learning anything. The important is to have a Full-Manual mode available! And '4500 has.
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