In search of square filter storage case

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Re: In search of square filter storage case

NotASpeckOfCereal wrote:

TheBlackGrouse wrote:

If you close it the top metal ring hits the glass/resin filter, or am I missing something?

I didn't think of that. I keep cleaning cloths in those front-cover slots because they're too small for my 82mm CP filter. I put that 82mm filter in a normal square filter pocket.

The specs say that those pockets fit up to 72mm filters, so they wouldn't be good for my 77mm CP filter either.

But as I said in my earlier post, I only keep the one 82mm CP filter in this container (not the other round CP filters), because the 82mm is the only one I will use with the square filter holder.

I guess that would depend on what holder you have/get. I got the NiSi filter that has 82mm threads native (without step up rings) because that's the largest lens filter size I'm using these on. If you have a holder with smaller native thread size, that could change things.

But 72mm (the size of those LowePro front cover pockets) is kind of small for a holder's native size.


EDIT: those pockets are 100 x 150mm sized. So if you keep a square filter (100 x 100) in that front pocket, it will sink down further into the pocket than what is pictured.

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Strangely enough they all have their flaws. But this one is much better than the Street & Field version from Lowepro.

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