In search of square filter storage case

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Re: In search of square filter storage case

NotASpeckOfCereal wrote:

I haven't read ahead, so I hope this isn't a repeat.

I just recently picked up this one:

I put the following in it:

  • 5 100mm/4" square ND filters
  • 1 rectangular ND Grad
  • 1 round CPL (goes under the filter holder when used with NDs)
  • 4-5 step rings on the bottom (below the last pocket flap)
  • 100mm filter holder in the outside pouch

I tried putting the filter holder inside, but it was a bit too tight with the step filters in there. (I keep the step filters in hard plastic bags to keep them safe, so that adds a bit to their thickness.) So far, the holder sits in the pouch just fine.

That leaves a couple of free pouches for expansion, but I leave the empty ones at both ends for extra padding and am glad for them (the nicer square filters are expensive!).

It fits in the backpack about where one medium sized lens would go.

It has one sturdy cloth loop at the top that can be used for any kind of strap to fix to a tripod, but I have yet to do anything like that.


EDIT: I see in another post you mention "2 or 3 CP filters". I made the decision to get one of the largest filter size (82mm for me) and just use step rings. I have smaller ones that I still might carry elsewhere, but the 82mm is the only one I need to carry for use with the square filters.

Looks good except for this:

Lowepro GearUp Filter Pouch

If you close it the top metal ring hits the glass/resin filter, or am I missing something?

Would still be usable without the top circular filter though.

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