Would you work with a photog w/ a good portfolio but who is cocky?

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Would you work with a photog w/ a good portfolio but who is cocky?

So this discussion actually came up in one of my photo groups that I help manage. As I had a few "complaints" (well one, and a few that just agreed with the first person)...

A bit of back story...

Basically there is one photographer who is very good, has probably what most would consider a very good IG account but is very cocky towards other photographers (not so much models) regarding his skill and his IG account. In fact I've overheard this person saying this to intermediate/beginner photographers like "I've got a very impressive IG account..."

But the complaint I got was that a model wouldn't work with this person because they are basically rude and an a-hole to other people.

So I'm just curious, would this type of attitude (let's say "bragging" almost) cause you to not want to work with this person (in general)?

I'm on the fence about this. I don't have much grounds to really kick the person out of the group, because he hasn't done anything wrong, and he does provide images to models, so that's not an issue. But I have had this come up from time to time from people in the group basically saying they don't like working with him.

(He's also very opinionated, and at times, have given indications at events that "if he was in charge, he would have done this much better..."  Of course my one response to him one time was "Well, we need someone to plan the next event.  Why don't you come up with an idea?"  ... "I don't have time."  Of course he had time, because he was at the next event, which was nothing complex).

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