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*Prodigal Son and Cats Return?*

Thanks for the input, John.

Sorry you’ve posted the cat images though; I’m so allergic that I sneeze and wheeze just looking at ‘em.

On a more serious note: It’s good to see you’re trying out the Jpeg setting suggestions and apparently enjoying your return to the FZ330. You are of course right that there are a ton of options that apply to the camera which, if we allow them, can sometimes appear overwhelming. In all likelihood though, I will never use a least half of what’s actually available from the full specifications.

I much prefer (and would advise others) to keep things relatively simple by consistently sticking to my long tried and tested method of shooting in aperture priority. I mainly stick to the F4 lens sweet spot, which I prioritise over any other aperture for all focal lengths throughout the range from 25 to 600mm.

Occasionally I’ll select F3.2 because in my experience it’s sharper than the wide open F2.8 at full zoom. Rarely do I close things down lower than F4.5, and of course I vary ISO and exposure compensation appropriately to each and every fluctuation in light levels and/or highlight preservation within any scene or in relation to specific individual wildlife subjects. I hate to see blown out detail in white or light coloured feathers, for example. So generally I leave EV at – 1/3rd of a stop by default and adjust accordingly from there.

To some, this may initially appear complicated but nothing could be simpler once the method is practiced to the point it becomes second nature, which should take no more than a month or two’s worth of sessions at most. Practice, practice, practice is always the key to consistency and at the end of the day the FZ330 is only as complicated or overwhelming as users choose to make it.

Please don’t take this as any kind of lecture. The post is for the benefit of anyone who likes their method of photography to be as simple as possible whilst also affording a wide spectrum of creativity. Re the FZ330, that is what Aperture Priority affords anyone who chooses it over any other PASM setting or that fully automatic IA mode.

Thanks again for posting.

Cheers and all the best…

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