Huge differences between uploaded and print images

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Re: Huge differences between uploaded and print images

DMillier wrote:

zorgtool wrote:

mtakeda wrote:

Compared with above my print image lacks transparency in cherry blossom. Is that because of the backlighting of the computer screen? Do I need unique compensation to make both close?

Long time ago I'm printing my photo, I stop doing that because I find the ink way to expensive and....don't have enough place.

When I do printing I'm using also a device who allow you to calibrate the printer, work same as the calibration of the screen (you print a specific file, and scan the print paper).

Event with that, yes you back-lighting of your screen make the print different to what you seen on the paper. You need to print (use same paper, ink, but smaller paper) some sample to find out the correct tuning.

Explain also why if you do not print a lot it's very expensive.

I'm not sure it makes a lot of sense to drop maybe £10k on a medium format outfit, then complain about the price of ink!

You're right ... in theory.....when I go some place and see a bottle of water at 10€  (actual fact in some very crowd touristic place) because it's the only place you can buy some water, I will not buy it, even if I can and of course I can, I just spend 2000€ euro to get there. The price of the ink are just a huge scam.

I remember when I have to manage some laser printer, at the first and second generation everything work fine, then they put a chip in the ink tank to warn you when it's going to be empty (totally stupid because without the chip the printer also can tell), then at the 5 or 6 generation the printer stop working when the chip say it's empty but if you take the chip out, the printer still can work for 2000 pages. Then they make the printer not working at all if they don't detect the chip.

Same (or worst) with the photo printer.

And as you use £ I'm guessing you live in England, so maybe you're familiar with the problem to not have enough wall to put your photo. In US houses have much more space than Europe. So my house are not big enough (living in France).

So I know I don't need 102M pixel if I don't print do I don't need 150 horses powers in my motorcycle


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