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Re: Stacking and Scheimpflug, compared

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Very helpful, thanks.

Interesting comparison, thanks. For a scene like this is if i wanted front to back sharpness, i would stack manually but stop down a bit more (f/14?) to allow the blending to be more forgiving, while sacrificing some sharpness to diffraction

I don't think that is necessary (either to do it by manually moving the focus point or stopped down).

I think with the latest updates to Helicon Focus and with the Fuji focus app, I could get a shot like this tac sharp all the way through from front to back with no artifacts and you would not have to stop down.

You could use F5.6 and I bet it would shoot about 45 (or more) shots. You would pick your near focus point very close and far focus point at the distance (or infinity) and render in all three methods in Helicon and pick the one that has the least or no halos. I bet Method C would work and those halos would be gone.

I don't know that for sure and would have to try it.

I have never used tilt shift. I have only read a lot about it and talked to my buddy who is a pro architect guy and Canon TS aficionado.

Modern focus stacking is going to out-perform tilt when it comes to getting the entire scene in focus because of all those shots that are stacked and the software is getting so much better.

But we all know that those multiple shot focus bracketing becomes useless on a lot of landscapes with moving branches and grass. And hey - didn't that bird move? I assume that is a plastic bird, but those flowers, branches and grass stalks had to move a bit during the focus bracket sequence, but the stones would be sharp from front to back.

I would love for Fuji to make a GF TS so I could try it. I will not adapt another TS lens to GFX.

Hi Greg -- I haven't tried this, but I would be worried about any movement (like in the grass here) causing artifacts with the automatic focus stacking. Most of the scenes I photograph have some movement. -- How does Helicon handle movement?

It doesn't. Focus stacking does not work when the branches, animals, leaves, grass, cars, people - whatever - move at all. I said that....

Yes you did, I missed it   Anyway -- yeah that's why I manually stack my landscape images.

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