New Fuji, or switch to Canon or Sony? - Size is King for Mountains

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New Fuji, or switch to Canon or Sony? - Size is King for Mountains

Hi everyone!

I've been happily shooting with a Fuji X-E1 for the past 10 years. But now it's time for an upgrade. The question is to what. I thought of just getting the newest iteration of the X-E body, but it seems there is now a plethora of Fuji options (X-E4, X-T30 and X-S10) and new contenders from Canon (M6 MkII) and Sony (A6400, A6600 and A7C). I would therefore very much appreciate your advice.

I mostly document my time in the mountains (examples below). It's obviously a lot of landscapes, but also people (portrait type) and some action (skiing). The body + general zoom lens (or prime) needs to fit into a 8x12x15 cm waterproof bag (with some stretch, see image below, the 50-230mm barely fits), so the X-T3 and X-T4 are out. Tripods and longer / bigger lenses stay in the car.

The X-E1 obviously works fine, but the 16 Mpx prevents larger prints and the AF is only good for single-spot focus (a PITA when trying to catch anything fast with cold fingers). I use out-of-camera JPG:s a lot, but for prints I usually edit RAW files. I would like to try my hands on some video clips, but stills are more important.

This leaves me with the following thoughts.

X-E4: Good size, but lack of grip could be a problem (especially with gloves on).

X-T30: Only slighly bigger in size, but with decent grip.

X-S10: IBIS is tempting for video and low-light stills, but is it too big and will it be impossible to operate with gloves? Especially the chunky exposure compensation dial in the other Fuji bodies is prizeless.

M6 Mk II: Good size, has a small grip and should have a much more usable continuous / tracking autofocus than the Fujis (which would help with the skiing action), but the lack of built-in EVF could make it impossible to shoot anything on sunny days in the snow... JPG:s should be nice too.

A6400 & A6600: Both are acceptable size and the main differentiators between them seem to be price, weight, IBIS and weather sealing. But will I like the JPG:s and will it be too much of a hassle to change a setting, even if the AF rocks? Or am I just prejudices based on "common perceptions"?

A7C: It's very tempting to get a FF camera in this size and weight class, but will it be overkill? There seems to be a good selection of small-enough lenses available to fit my dry-bag and I can have as many big lenses waiting in the car as I want. The same hesitation as above regarding JPG:s and usability apply. At least it has a chunky exp. comp. dial on top!

All in all, it seems the safest bet would be the X-T30, but with the exception of the larger prints, could I really do something significantly more with it compared with the X-E1? Specs wise the Sonys are very tempting, but I am skeptical since I have no experience with them... And the Canon could be very perfect until you get the sun from the wrong angle!

Oh, the joy and agony of gear. Any thoughts on how to proceed?

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