Clarity = much longer image write time

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Re: Clarity = much longer image write time

EuronGreyjoy wrote:

DPFranz wrote:

Perhaps this will be helpful, perhaps most people already know this, but I learned something of note about the X100V today. It's the only Fuji camera I've ever owned, don't know if this is true for other bodies.

I was fiddling around making a dark, monochrome, blue-tinted, contrasty custom setting for quick jpg phone sharing, and noticed that at some point, when I took a picture, the camera was taking maybe 1.5-2 seconds to write an image (blacked out screen, displaying "Storing"). Went through one by one in the IQ settings, turning something off, and testing how long it took to take a picture. The following settings appear to have no appreciable impact on time to write an image:

Film simulation chosen

Monochromatic Color

Color Chrome Effect

Color Chrom FX Blue

Tone Curve


Noise Reduction

RAW only, or RAW + JPG

But! Turn on CLARITY, and write time goes up to that 1.5-2 seconds (rough estimate, but dramatically longer than with Clarity off).

Just posting in case someone else is puzzled about unexpected long write times after settings fiddling.

It's a relatively new feature. Only X-Pro3, X100V and X-T4 have it afaik, not sure about the GFX100, I only have a GFX50R which doesn't have it.

It's quite slow yeah, I only use it via the in camera raw converter sometimes but not as a JPG default setting.

X-S10 as well. Makes some really nice B&W photos when used with custom recipes. You just have to remember to slow down a bit.

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