Thinking about lens lineup

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Thinking about lens lineup

Hi all, I am looking to move to Fuji from m4/3 and am interested in advice about filling the gaps in my potential lens lineup built around these two "core" lenses:

(ultra)wide - 14mm f/2.8

normal - 35mm f/1.4 (or possibly the rumored 33/1.4)

1. The gap between these two is too large for me, based on previous experience. In particular, the 50mm full-frame equivalent can be too tight for indoor social/family occasions. On m4/3, I have been pairing the Pana-Leica 15/1.7 (~30mm full-frame equivalent) with my nifty-fifty for that purpose.

On Fuji, I am leaning towards the 23/2 (not really interested in the 18mm). However, another option is the 18-55 zoom, which would also have the benefit of adding flexibility when traveling or just walking around with others and not having time to swap lenses. I guess one of my questions is, do people find the 18-55 bright enough wide open for indoor/family events?

In looking through my LR catalog, I regularly find candid shots where I am at f/2, ISO 1600, 1/60s. I wouldn't want to go much slower on the shutter. With the 18-55, by the time you get to around 20-30mm I believe the max aperture is around f/3.5, so I think that would require ISOs up around 4000-5000, right? On the other hand, I'm not sure about having enough depth of field on Fuji at f/2. Maybe I need to plan on stopping down more than on m4/3 to get enough in focus?

2. Beyond the 35mm, I'm planning to get the 55-200 zoom for hiking/landscapes, and possibly a prime in the 50-60mm range. I sort of feel that the Fuji 50/2 is too close to the 35mm. I do enjoy the occasional macro, and have read good things about the 60mm as a hybrid macro and portrait prime. On the other hand, I have a Raynox 250 I could put on the 55-200 and that might be enough for my macro needs, and the 50/2 seems to focus much faster than the 60mm. I used to enjoy shooting with an adapted 50mm on m4/3, that would be about a native 70mm on Fuji, any rumors of a lightweight "Fujicron" style 70/2 coming out down the road?

If it matters, for the body I'll be getting either the X-T4 or X-S10. I need to go check them both out in person and see if the extra size/weight of the T4 is too much of a dealbreaker because I would much prefer the larger EVF.

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