Unable to update my S1R - function not available.

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Re: Unable to update my S1R - function not available.

sev7en wrote:

Danielvr wrote:

You're in the wrong forum, but having said that... your L-mount camera may have the same quirk that other Panasonic cameras have. The solution to that quirk is described here:



thanks as first for your reply, I will try that.

Why I am in the wrong forum? Does it is not the forum of Panasonic's cameras too?

I haven't found a dedicated forum for only Panasonic... can please clarify? Thanks.

You are clearly in the correct forum

Given that there is a Leica forum which draws most discussion of the SL series, and a Sigma forum which draws discussion of the fp series, you’d be hardpressed to designate Lumix S anywhere else.  You could make a better case to exclude SL from Leica or fp from Sigma than to exclude Lumix from here.  Perhaps there should also be an all-round Panasonic forum just to complete the balance

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