Which Lens should I use?

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Re: Which Lens should I use?

I voted for the Tamron. That's not because I think it's better than the Sigma, but only because I've shot with the Tamron. In my opinion, the Tamron is a fine lens and can produce outstanding wildlife shots.

The only downsides I can think of from using it for literally thousands of shots are:

  1. At the longer end especially, I was not satisfied with the sharpness until the lens was stopped down to f/7.1
  2. Maybe once a month, the lens would lose connection with the camera. I only notice it happening when it was cold, so maybe that was it? Turning the camera off and on again seemed to fix it. And also, I have not heard this happening very often so it's possible the screws on mine were a little loose.

I definitely recommend it at its price. Some shots to show how good this lens is:

Black-capped Chickadee

Great Blue Heron


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