Looking for 20mm wide-angle lens for Landscape.

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Re: Looking for 20mm wide-angle lens for Landscape.

anotherMike wrote:

I own the Zeiss 18/2.8 Milvus and 20/1.8 Nikon, and I'm not sure which one I like better. The Milvus has a lot of astigmatism with some field curvature, but has a glorious central zone. The Nikon 20, while a cheap plastic toy, is more even and causes less headache even if it never really "shines". I used to own the Zeiss 21/2.8 but that lens gave me far too many issues - cyan corner shading, wavy field curvature, and it's performance changed over time - there is some thought it's not particularly robust from a mechanical perspective. I am a HUGE Zeiss fan - my favorite landscape lens period is the 25/1.4 Milvus (beats everything being discussed here by a lot), but I'll never get another 21 Zeiss. They seriously need to redesign that one.

Honestly, I don't love any of the 20mm options in F mount - it's one area where the Z mount (or E mount in Sony) mirrorless lenses are just a LOT better.

I tried two Sigma 20/1.4 arts and returned both - sharp centrally, hated the corners, and they couldn't AF at all - not a problem for landscape. And I'm a huge Sigma fan too - their 40/1.4 Art is one of the very best lenses ever made, but I don't like their 20, at all.

None of the zooms are worth anything at 20mm honestly, although I guess if I had to pick the cheap plastic 18-35 AFS is okay.


Thanks anotherMike, your sharing opinion help to understand better. but this 21mm Distagon once was known as the best 20mm range, right ? But lately more and more people said the 25mm much better overall for wide angle lens....Thanks once more, anotherMike.

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