Which Lens should I use?

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Re: Which Lens should I use?

Buy the the 70 - 300 L or the 100-400 II L and forget about the tripod, ball head etc because you don't need them with these lenses.

When cropping to 600 mm (with the 100 - 400 II) you have the same image quality as the Sigma Contemporary and the Tamron. The Sigma Sports may be a little bit better at 600 but is heavy so you really need that tripod, ball head etc.

Seriously, the Sigma Sports is fantastic but limits your mobility and doubles the weight because of, well you know, the tripod, ball head etc.

The 100 - 400 II is a little above your budget but this lens is as good as the big white primes, except for the maximum aperture. Sharpness is the same in the centre. You will be cropping almost every time so the outer edges are not important.

For years I wanted to buy a huge big white 500. Now I don't. The only tele lens that I'm looking at is the 400 DO II. Being a birder for decades, this 100 mm extra makes no difference, your skills do. Getting close to birds is almost an art.

For five years I've been shooting with the 70 - 300 L and I still have this lens. That worked fine and maybe I'm going back to this lens because it's much more compact and weighs less. For multi-day hiking this is the lens to take with you because it also doubles as a fine landscape lens. The 100 - 400 is for birds and can function as a macro lens too.

At the end of the day, your mobility is extremely important. Waiting in a hide is nice for a change, when it's hot or when you want to talk with other photographers but in general the best images are the ones you make when hiking or cycling.

Think about this, buy one of these great L telezooms and you will be fine.

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