Not sure how to spend $7K? R5? R6?

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Not sure how to spend $7K? R5? R6?

Let me preface by saying that I am hobbyist. I would say I was "semi-pro" as a DSLR photographer from my EOS-20D days through my 5DMkII days. I sold my DSLR and all my "L" glass back in 2019 after letting it all collect dust for a few years. Due to a serious bicycle accident, I could not even hold a camera to my face from 2016-2018. I have never needed to make money off of my hobby. Not yet at least.

What do I shoot? A little of everything and anything?

  • Cherry blossoms along the tidal basin in Washington DC. Local landscapes.
  • Vacation/travel candid photos: Tuscan landscapes, Parisian street buskers, etc.
  • VIP guests of my employer/indoor events (when we had those).
  • Some plane spotting but not much.

The biggest reason I slowly quit using my DSLR gear back before my bicycle accident was because I didn't want to haul my camera bag. I just put my phone in my pocket! SO my total bag weight is arguably the biggest factor in wanting to go mirrorless. I want the best gear-per-gram that I can buy at this point.

Things I like about the R6:

  • Lighter than the R5
  • Cheaper than the R5
  • Traditional mode dial
  • Slightly lower noise/better dynamic range
  • Higher FPS
  • More manageable file size
  • Dual SD slots

Things I like about the R5:

  • Slightly better EVF
  • 45mpx feels more future proof?
  • More durable body?

Note about video: 1080p/4K video on occasion is important and I think the R5 and R6 can both manage. The R5 is probably slightly better. 8K is irrelevant to me.

So my budget is around $7k. I am assuming around $500-ish for accessories (batteries, filters, UHS II SD cards, etc.) so this leaves just about $6,500 for camera body and lenses.

OPTION 1: $6,797

  • R6 body with RF 24-105 F4L kit
  • RF 70-200 F2.8L IS
  • RF 35 F1.8 IS Macro

OPTION 2: $6,397

  • R6 body
  • RF 24-70 F2.8L IS
  • RF 70-200 F4L IS

OPTION 3: $5,895

  • R5 body
  • RF 35 F1.8 IS Macro
  • RF 50 F1.8
  • RF 85 F2.0 IS Macro
  • RF 600 F11 IS

Note: this "prime only" option could change if Canon releases the RF 24 1.8 IS Macro soon. Having the 35/50/85 is a bit much. I do really enjoy a good 85mm prime.

Any advice or suggestions would be highly appreciated. Thanks.

Canon EOS R5 Canon EOS R6
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