Long Lenses on FUJI GFX100S,50R ? Wildlife ?

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Re: Long Lenses on FUJI GFX100S,50R ? Wildlife ?

Navman wrote:

JayDog wrote:

Jim, no issues with the crop. I am curious if it is possible to get a mount and then use manual focus??

Not sure what adapter I would use or any anybody can suggest?

600mm F4 is pretty pricey and super heavy, I would not mind one of the sigma 600 zooms ??

One alternative is the Pentax 645 400, which also works well with the GF 1.4x extender, giving full coverage of the GFX sensor in a relatively compact setup. Adapters are readily available and manual focusing is straight forward with the focus peaking, if you're not trying to photograph highly mobile subjects. Alternatively, the Canon great white L series teles in FD mount adapt very easily and have very good optical performance if you can live with their small amount of vignetting. To me, the Pentax 645 teles are an imminently suitable solution if your use is occasional and/or you don't have the inclination/funds to run multiple camera systems. I'm also finding the GF 250 highly capable when paired with the GF1.4x extender, although at times it lacks a bit of reach.



Just be curious: From how far you take that shot ? the size (~3000x3000) are the crop or you reduce the resolution for the web ?

Anyway very good shot, what kind of bird ?


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