Perspective, focal lenses and distance

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Re: Perspective, focal lenses and distance

Greg7579 wrote:

I want you to check your own work and confirm these figures and admit if you made a mistake.

Well, not exactly a mistake but those formula on the bottom left got some incoherence. On the left in the table they use 30⁰, 45⁰, 60⁰, on the right they use ∫ sin(x) dx, but that cannot work, you cannot use ⁰ (degree) because it's not a number (360=0) so to make all the formula on the right work you need to use rad (2π=360⁰) because that's is a number (real number to be precise, because of π)

On the bottom right the formula seen weird.....and has nothing to do with the graph.

Ok...ok...I'm leaving

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