Rumors on Shipping 100s

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Anybody heard anything about when more 100s will ship? I ordered mine on Feb. 5th.

Where did you order? I just spoke to B&H. They said they were expecting a shipment last week but since they were closed for Passover they didnโ€™t get it.

Now they are expecting an order in “2-3 weeks.”

I think this is just nonsense their phone support teams are told to say because they have no real information.

It’s frustrating but it’s because Fuji can’t keep up with the demand yet.


I wondered last week when watching the news about the container ship blocking the Suez Canal, do most cameras and lenses get shipped from the manufacturer by sea? Not sure if it would affect shipping to the US anyway, would they go via the Pacific to the West Coast?

I'm living in Europe, all I can say is my GFX100s was excepted last week, two or three days after the Suez Canal blocking, I got a message told me it's going to have some delay (no explanation). It's currently schedule for next week. No idea if it's just coincidence or camera really come from sea.

I find that a little strange that camera come from the sea (knowing smartphone come by airplane).

I don't believe one second the camera to USA will come from Suez Canal. Should be crazy to do that it will be much more far than by the Pacific. Every day those ship use 300t of heavy fuel. So no way they use the longest route.

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