**FZ330 REVIEW Part 2 by Stevie Boy Blue**

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Re: **FZ330 REVIEW Part 2 by Stevie Boy Blue**

Stevie Boy Blue wrote:

PJPfeiffer wrote:

Excellent write up!

The members of my photo club owning full frame DSLRs are amazed by the capabilities and results obtained with my FZ300.

Most of these images came from my FZ300 https://flickr.com/photos/pjpfeiffer/

The most recent moon images excluded (iPhone 11 Pro attached to my telescope)

Thank you PJP.


. . . . . When asked why I choose FZs over digital ILCs for wildlife? I always give the honest reply that for the money and what I require of them, these bridge cameras are more than good enough when we know how to use them to their strengths and can fill as much of the frame as possible with the subject. Not everyone can close enough to do this, including some of those so-called pros who rely so much on cropping images down from bigger sensors. Nothing wrong with either method. I just enjoy the extra challenge involved with getting as close as I physically can. . . . . . .

Yes, it's fun to have a camera that is kind of subversive. Back then my FZ8 was ultra-subversive, looked like a toy and worked like a rattlesnake, getting crisp head shots of colourful folks in a Folk Festival procession, etc.

I got the same buzz at an Air Day with little old biplanes and home-built planes, using my FZ200 alongside guys with Canons and Nikons with lenses about 18" long.

I wandered off into DSLRs several times but always came back to subversives, now my FZ330 and Stylus 1s. And my new old FZ8!  


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