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Re: R5... R6... decisions! PHOTOGRAPHY

JConrad wrote:

I own both. There are a few things the R5 has over the R6 for photography aside from resolution, but they're fairly small differences. The EVF is better in the R5 (though the R6 EVF is good...just not as clear as the R5's), and the most noticeable thing is the larger rear screen, which is immediately apparent.

The top LCD and soft mode dial are different, but IMO no better, really. I almost never use the LCD, and the simple mode dial of the R6 is actually easier and faster to use.

The CFExpress card slot for photography is somewhat nice, but mainly for offloading photos...they transfer notably faster when compared to the SD slot, but yes, they are expensive. I got a Delkin 128GB CFExpress for my R5, which is a bit more reasonable in price than many, and very fast and runs cool.

The R5 has the new feature of including blanking out the rear LCD if you want to shoot like a DSLR, with no auto live view on the rear screen, which saves battery, but the R6 has better battery life than the R5 anyway, so it's not a big thing.

Otherwise they're essentially identical. IBIS is the same, AF is the same, the dynamic range is slightly better on the R5, but both are an improvement on the R in that department, and the difference is small. The grip is actually slightly different between them. The R6's grip is a little chunkier, while the R5's is a little more sculpted. Both feel good...I prefer the R5's grip when shooting with smaller lenses and the R6's grip with larger lenses, but it's a subtle difference.

So really, we're down to resolution. Do you print large regularly, or do you shoot things often where you are focal length limited and have to crop a lot? If so, the extra resolution of the R5 may be the way to go. If you don't, and print only to like 12x18 or 16x24 or the like, the resolution of the R6 will be more than enough. Files are sharp and look great.

Thanks for that. I think if you don't do video you've summarised the differences is a clear and succinct way

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