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Re: **FZ330 REVIEW Part 2 by Stevie Boy Blue**

Al Ball wrote:


You have a way with words and a knack with your fz300 that must inspire more people than me.

After reading what you write all I want to do is go outside and shoot photographs.

Your natural talent is a blessing and we are lucky to have you on these forums.

I did not see part 2 of your review coming but enjoyed reading it as much as the first one.

Thank you for taking the time to prepare and post it.

The photos you included look great as always and showcase what the camera does across its range.

You know that I recently bought a fz300 and I will update you on my progress here.

Since buying it I have not used my G9 kit as much as I was doing.

Not saying fz300 full res IQ is a match for the G9 but it is better than I expected for sensor size.

12mp is about right for the fz by the look of things.

Been messing around with j-peg settings and will try the ones you used with AWB changes.

Have not picked up my canon sx70 since buying the fz because I am getting close enough to subjects without it for now.

It is still early days because I have only had the fz300 for just over a week. But I am very impressed by it so far.

Cannot believe how well it handles and how solid it feels for a bridge camera at its price point.

Would be a shame if Panasonic dropped the fz line. But as you say the fz300 is still a popular seller.

Will let you know how I progress over the next few weeks.

I posted today mostly to say that I am really grateful for your experience and writings and for this review part 2.

Well, Al. What can I say? But thank you for the very kind words.

You know something, if I ‘inspire’ only you to pick up your camera and get out shooting with it, I’m more than happy to know that.

All I can do is my best to inform, but I’m aware that my direct writing style is not appreciated by all. However, as this way of communication is second nature to folks like me who are on the autistic spectrum, the literal, tell-it-as-I-see-it method is all I’ve ever known. So, thank you very much again for the compliments.

I contribute my time and efforts on here completely free of remuneration. In fact, these days I’m more inclined to receive a headache and eyestrain as payback for my labours on the computer. So I am happy when acknowledgment of my effort is returned from readers like you and others here. Thank you again for your kindness and appreciation.

Moving on: I’m really pleased that you’re enjoying your new FZ330. As you rightly point out, image quality from the smaller sensor won’t quite match your M4/3 G9 at full resolution. But the FZ is surprisingly good for a ‘pinhead’ machine.

To be honest, I’m not surprised to note that both the G9 and your SX70 have taken a backseat in terms of pecking order for a while. The FZ330 has a way of charming users into making it the first choice option for which they reach when portability and convenience are prioritised over extra weight and all that changing lenses malarkey associated with the alternative. Even a slightly larger and heavier bridge camera becomes second or third choice, simply because the FZ330 is just so good at what it does.

Anyway, enough said. Please do keep me/us here informed of your progress with the camera.

By all means try the Jpeg settings I suggest in the review, with a starting point being to leave sharpening at default 0 when noise reduction is set to – 5. Initially increasing sharpening over negated noise reduction may appear like overkill during playback especially on a large screen. All depends on personal taste but I’m sure you’ll already appreciate that. Armed with a reasonably sound starting point, I’ll leave you to get on with finding your own individual preferences. Have fun.

Thanks again…

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