**FZ330 REVIEW Part 2 by Stevie Boy Blue**

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Re: **FZ330 REVIEW Part 2 by Stevie Boy Blue**

GeraldW wrote:

I'm sure that was a lot of work for you to put together. So, thank you for that, and for review #1. Very nice shots, and great Depth of Field, one of the benefits of the small sensor. Rather than isolating the subject from the background, I find a lot of in-focus depth "invites you into the scene". And with the small sensor and fast lens, you can get that kind of DoF at large apertures and low ISO settings.

Your recommended settings for the FZ330 are very close, if not identical, to what I used for my "good" FZ200's and for the first FZ300 I had. My second FZ300 has been ordered and should arrive mid-week.

Since I came into a little extra money recently, I was considering going back to an interchangeable lens camera, and building up a system. But my 1" sensor fixed lens cameras are more than good enough; and what I really needed was a ruggedized and weather sealed camera - enter the FZ300.

Thanks Jerry.

Indeed, this review part 2 did involve a lot of work to put together, as did part one and many other lengthy contributions I make to DPR.

Thank you for the acknowledgment of the time and effort I invest. Very kind and thoughtful of you and you’re welcome to this and part one.

Yes, I like the extra DOF afforded by the small sensor, as I appreciate more things being in focus in some scenes like landscapes. To be fair, it wouldn’t bother me had Panasonic fixed the FZ330 aperture to F4 with no option to change across the lens range, as 90% of my shots are taken there regardless of focal length. We get the depth at wide angle and can achieve subject isolation at 600mm. What’s not to like about that? As for F2.8, I rarely use it and would not miss it at all.

I may be wrong as I don’t have my copy to hand. But I thought the FZ200’s parameters for changing noise reduction, sharpening, etc, were different to the FZ330 incrementally. I recall the FZ200 may have only offered adjustment from 0 to minus or + 2 or 3. If so, I’m not sure how you set up the FZ300, which offers 5 steps either way, to match your FZ200? You’ve got me puzzled there!

Please excuse me if I’m wrong on this, as I don’t have time to verify things. I know for sure though that the FZ150 only went from 0 to minus or + 2 in either direction and there’s a chance I may be mixing that up with the FZ200.

Not to worry either way. The important thing is that you’ve ordered your second FZ300 and I hope it serves you well. At least it will save you from all that lens-changing palaver had you chosen the other route.

Have fun with your new toy.

Thanks again for the post. I appreciate it.


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