**FZ330 REVIEW Part 2 by Stevie Boy Blue**

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Re: **FZ330 REVIEW Part 2 by Stevie Boy Blue**

PJPfeiffer wrote:

Excellent write up!

The members of my photo club owning full frame DSLRs are amazed by the capabilities and results obtained with my FZ300.

Most of these images came from my FZ300 https://flickr.com/photos/pjpfeiffer/

The most recent moon images excluded (iPhone 11 Pro attached to my telescope)

Thank you PJP.

Yeah, funny you should mention how members of your photo club are amazed by the capabilities of the FZ330. One of the five retailers I approached for feedback on up-to-date sales of the camera for the purposes of this review said similar about one FZ330 owner who wins most of his club’s competitions despite most other entrants’ submissions coming from DSLR gear.

Truth is, before the pandemic and social distancing, I occasionally rubbed shoulders with Pro wildlife photographers, most of whom would look at my FZ330 and conclude I was a mere point-and-shoot hobbyist.

Long story short, I used to carry a thin album containing a dozen or so of my photos printed at 12 x 8 inches in my car boot that I would show to the one guy I actually liked in the whole bunch. So as not to appear like I’m blowing my own trumpet too loudly: Let’s just say that once a few more of the crowd peered over my shoulder and noticed the level of detail that the FZ330 can render in print, their preconceived ideas about both me and my camera changed completely.

Funny thing is, I kind of liked being underestimated and not taken seriously as a photographer just because I shoot with FZs in preference to ‘proper pro gear’ that costs thousands and thousands of pounds (or whatever). Just goes to show the level of gear-snobbery and attitude that exists within this game of ours.

When asked why I choose FZs over digital ILCs for wildlife? I always give the honest reply that for the money and what I require of them, these bridge cameras are more than good enough when we know how to use them to their strengths and can fill as much of the frame as possible with the subject. Not everyone can close enough to do this, including some of those so-called pros who rely so much on cropping images down from bigger sensors. Nothing wrong with either method. I just enjoy the extra challenge involved with getting as close as I physically can.

By the way, I enjoyed viewing your flickr page. You have some very nice shots on there. Very well done and thank you for the link.


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