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Re: Focus stacking + flash

JayLT4 wrote:

Alben wrote:

I have looked back at earlier threads on this subject, crap from Canon, it could not be that difficult to add this via a firmware update surely.


I love how people think everything is just an easy fix from Canon with a firmware update these days.

The electronic shutter does not work with a flash. And with stacking even if it did, where are you going to find a camera mounted flash that can keep up with 20 FPS shooting? Unless you're only shooting a couple shots, or going really slow on the shutter it wouldn't work well anyway. All of that is regardless of the issues a flash can introduce when using an electronic shutter.

So I doubt you'll see any firmware update from Canon to allow flash during the current iteration of focus bracketing. The best you can hope for (if anything at all) would be something that allows you to select the mechanical shutter for focus bracketing.

Focus bracketing does not need an electronic shutter and it does not need to be at 20 FPS. With an external battery pack 1 FPS flash shooting is doable and often makes sense, for example with static macro subjects. So yes, I am annoyed too that focus bracketing with flash is not an option. I use a motorized rail but it is cumbersome and comes with extra cost.

What is this fixed 20 FPS nonsense limitation with the electronic shutter, by the way? Is it really necessary?

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