Long Lenses on FUJI GFX100S,50R ? Wildlife ?

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Re: Long Lenses on FUJI GFX100S,50R ? Wildlife ?

JayDog wrote:

So is it possible to have adapters say a 150-600 or some other form of long lens on the GFX100 ? Not sure I heard the 35mm crop mode gives you about 60mp and 30 mp for the 50r.

I am curious if one could adapt a 600mm lens to one of these camera with any success ?



Don´t  answer you question, other peoples will give much more accurate answer. I'm just saying, when I decide to switch to gfx from my D850 I think about that. Because once in a while when I'm in vacation in some country (mainly Africa) I would want to take some picture.

I´m guessing I will not able to sell my old Tamron 150-600, and I got a old D300 who with his crop sensor give me a crazy 900mm... If I'm able to sell my Tamron, and if (or when) we can travel again, I will buy some used XT3 or XT4 and put some huge not to expensive telephoto lenses.

In my mind if I want to shoot with a 100M pixel camera some wildlife the quality of the Tamron will not be enough.

And a good AF in wildlife are a advantage for newbie like me.

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