1DXMKIII to R1 - Big Investment - We Are Smart Enough

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Re: My take, in an area where these are popular

Tazz93 wrote:

I've passed on all of the 1Dx bodies, completely based on the resolution. They have all had better at AF and speed than the bodies I chose, but the resolution (18-20MP) was simply too low for my needs. I've shot all of them 1DX, II, III, and they are great, but just no use for someone like me who prioritizes resolution slightly higher than speed (just slightly)...... Gone are the days where shooting this level of body is limited to the working pro.

I'm in the same boat as you, Tazz93. I did my sports with the 1D bodies as I needed the AF but the past ~6yrs it's been 5DsR and Phase One rental on almost everything for paying work. Adding a second R5 as it will be the mainstay with 5DsR as backup.

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