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Re: A question in re: sensor size for the 1 series cameras

SteveinLouisville wrote:

I have also read that sensor size was 20MB or so, because that size could generate high quality JPGS, on the fly, for clients and that this size was sufficient for the task the camera was designed for (see above). Is all this true? Have any of you who shoot with this class of camera ever been held back by a 20MB sensor? Do you shoot JPG exclusively or predominantly? Do you use RAW at all for professional work? Do you edit your professionally shot pictures, or is it straight to the client, they handle that?


I've done press work under deadline, and 12-20mp was fine for the newswires and, yes, the tight deadline work was uploaded as JPG. Depending on the deadline, I'd edit when possible but editors will crop/tweak as needed anyway.

Press/newswire sports is different than contractual sports, though, where in contractual events you shoot for an organizer, agency or sponsor who may have an unrealistic rep or art director expecting studio-lighting quality in a dungeon-lit venue and demanding huge files.

Today, for newswire it sounds like it isn't the file size so much as how cheap one will shoot for the wires even if it's just a cropped phone pic. It's a sad reality people will give away work just to get into an event or get a good seat, but editors with dwindling budgets.....well.....I worry for press photogs.

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