Why RF IS lenses with IBIS bodys?

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Re: Why RF IS lenses with IBIS bodys?

Yes, that's also what I realised. Other manufacturers are basically doing almost the same, combining ILIS and IBIS in standard zooms.

Also thanks for the remarks about the CIPA rating. Does anyone have any info on how they test IS effectivity? That might me very informative. Maybe also a good topic for DPreview to make an article on, or maybe test some stuff to inform us.

From what I have read up until now it seems to me that:

that IBIS is strong for

  • wide angle because pitch and jaw movement of the cameralens result in only small movement on the sensor level. One could say lower frequency corrections, because of longer shutter speeds of wide angle. Fore example for a 35mm lens and 4 stops of compensation, the IS will need to 'bridge' the 1/35s to 1/2s time spectrum. 
  • Video because 'Roll' correction is easily visible in video.
  • Also video needs 'lower frequency' corrections to be corrected. Because resolutions are lower, but the stabilisation is mostly needed to stabilise the overall video experience of the viewer. So to prevent shocks in the video in between multiple shots and make the watching experience more peaceful. Basically the 1/35s to 1/2s time spectrum example given above is also very video at 3 frames a second.

ILIS is performing well with

  • Telephoto, here the longer focal range results in big shifts on the sensor level with only minor pitch or jaw movements. Adjusting the path of the light within the lens is then the more efficient option.
  • Stills, they need higher frequencies, also because of the higher resolutions. For a 400mm lens, and 4 stops of compensation, the IS needs to 'bridge' 1/400s to  1/25s. It needs to be quick and precise at the same time. 

From the insight of the above it is also very likely that using IBIS and ILIS in tandem can complement each other.

Thank you all for this discussion, and please comment on my theoretical story.

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