90D - About to give up on Birds in Flight and get a 7D II

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Re: 90D - About to give up on Birds in Flight and get a 7D II

Myer wrote:

Michael Thomas Mitchell wrote:

Myer wrote:

As I get older (I'm almost 77) I don't even try single point center focus with the 90D. If I could I'd probably still be using the 90D for birds in Flight.

But since I need some help, and since I was not pleased that even larger birds would lose focus between focus points (9x9) I now have a 7D2.

I've been using single point with 8 helpers (or expanded).

Due to Covid I've been away from shooting but I went to a wetlands park twice this week.

It take time to get back in shape but I'm getting there.

How is the 7DII doing for you compared to the 90D now that you have had some time with it?

I keep switching between case 3 & 4.

Focus is fast (I use mostly single point with 8 helpers).

I will try single point with 4 helpers soon.

You want to over expose a little so that you are darkening rather than lightening to keep noise down.

The last time I was out (last week) shooting I was dealing with a lot of contrast due to sun and shadows.

I'm happy with the 7D II.

I can also see a use for the 90D for non action situations.

A week or so back I shot motocross. I put together a montage of a burst.

Thanks for the update. I'm glad it's working well for you. Nice motocross work, too!

It's great to see the 7DII still working strong for a lot of people. The 90D is a fine camera, but it's not a 7DII replacement for everyone. Unfortunately, we can only imagine what a 7DIII *might* have been. As the end of the line for APS-C DSLR bodies, however, it is good that they are both as strong entries as they are, and I anticipate that they will continue to be sought after for more years to come as a yet-unkown percentage of photographers cool to mirrorless and look back to optical viewfinder systems.

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