R5... R6... decisions! PHOTOGRAPHY

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Re: R5... R6... decisions! PHOTOGRAPHY

gossamer88 wrote:

I originally went for the R6 because I also wanted the 800 F11. So combined and it was during the Holidays, I could not justify the R5. Three months had past and cropping the R6 images started to feel like a downgrade coming from a 5D4 that I had since day 1 (I already sold it to offset the cost). So I sold the R6 and got the R5. It was also made easier because I had come into some funds and someone was interested in my R6.

This seems to align with my main worry - are you mainly cropping birds with the 800? Or what did you find you were cropping too much that it was disappointing?

And I wonder with some of the more recent AI-upscaling solutions out there - if there is a particular shot or need for large print how upscaling these 20MP stills work vs having EVERY photo at 45MP when maybe, roughly, 90%+ don't "need" to be that large.

I do crop, but not significantly, and am farrr more likely to select the appropriate lens+composition vs overly cropping (landscapes, lifestyle/outdoor photography)

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